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2025 EAA Club Volleyball TEAMS


2024-2025 EAA Club Volleyball Teams 

Practice Days:

Practice will be conducted on Mondays & Thursdays 

12 Local & Developmental Practice Time: 4:00PM-5:30PM

14 Regional & Local Practice Time: 6:00PM-8:30PM

Your Investment:

At EAA we strive for transparency of what our customers are investing in.  Below you will find a breakdown of fees; club dues (what they include & what they do not include)

Developmental Team $450 [ 2 practice shirts + Organized Practice]

-Season begins January 4th & goes till March 7th

Installment dates: December $125/ January $125

Local Team  $750 + 200 apparel package [ 3 tournaments + Organized Practice] 

-Season begins January 4th & finishes March 10th (last tournament date 9th & 10th)

Installment dates: December $250/ January $250/ February $250

Regional Team $1350 + $200 apparel package [6 Tournaments + Organized Practice + 2 CLVP TRAINING & Competition weekends]

-Season begins January​ 4th & finishes April 28th (last tournament date 27th & 28th)

Installment dates: December $350/ January $350/ February $350/ March $300


National Team Tryouts will be conducted in April 2025 TBD


Included in Fees

-Coaches Fee

-Coaches travel & board

-Gym Rental 

-Elite Structured Coaching 

-$200 apparel package which includes: 2 practice shirts, 2 jersey's, warm-up, backpack or alternate in place of backpack 


-CLVP Training program (only for regional & National team)


Not Included in Fees 

-spandex, knee pads, shoes, athletes travel, athletes lodging, and athletes food

-18 dollar insurance through AAU that is necessary to have for club & tournaments 

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